Welcome to the future

Imagine feeling welcomed by your home when you pull into the drive each evening. The gate or garage door opens, your path is lit with just the right amount of light, the ambient temperature is perfect and the strains of your favorite song waft through the air… Can’t you feel the day’s stress just melt away? Interested? A home automation package can do all that for you, but that is not all it can do.

Is your family safe and secure?

Your home should offer you and your family safety and security, even when no one is home. Our home automation systems can be fully customized and integrated into your security system to notify you of any problems at any time. But that is not all it can do. What if a pipe bursts in the basement or there is an unauthorized intruder? Your home automation system can notify you so that you can initiate emergency protocol even if you are thousands of miles away. It can even let you know when your spouse or the kids get home from school.

Entertainment has never been easier.

Imagine being able to close the blinds, dim the lights and set up as well as start your surround system all from the comfort of your chair or changing the music playing in the media room without ever leaving your lounge chair by the pool. With a home automation system control is at your fingertips wherever you are from your phone, tablet, remote control device or computer.

Time Saving Convenience

Does your bedtime routine consist of walking room to room to turn out the lights, close the blinds and adjust the thermostat? With a home automation system you could easily do all of these things from the comfort of your bed with one click. Do you hate coming home to a dark house and having to avoid obstacles you can’t see just to turn on the lights as you go room to room? With a home automation system you can turn on the lights and even adjust the thermostat from the office, the car or set them to a particular time.

Energy efficiency

Most of us know that we should turn off all of the lights and adjust the thermostat before we leave home in the morning to save money on our bills, but who wants to come home to a cold dark house on a winter night? A home automation system can allow you to set your lights, adjust the blinds and raise or lower the temperature of your home so you always feel welcome when you walk through the door.

Fully Customizable

Everyone’s needs are different and we do not have any one-size-fits-all packages. At Newave we will help you design the home automation system that best fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.